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LAS CRUCES, New Mexico – Around 8am a bus arrives at the Good Samaritan Las Cruces Village with a group of eager employees.

These special education students from the Gadsden school district take part in Project Search.  A pilot program that places them in work environments which provides skills they can use when looking for work after high school.

The Good Samaritan Society Las Cruces Village provides their nursing home as a class room for the students.

“They’re learning skills that will help them get jobs and they’ve established relationships with the people they work with and are an incredible help to us while they are learning these skills” said Donna Ottaviano the Director of Humans Resources Good Samaritan Society Las Cruces Village.

Project Search’s ultimate goal is to place the students in jobs when they leave the program.  World wide they statistically place %85 of the participants with work.

“We’re able to put this program together with the collaboration of multiple organizations and agencies” said Larry Melendez a Project Search instructor.

“Don’t tell us no, just give us a chance,” Yvonne Perez said when commenting on the students opportunities. 

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